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Summer Camp 2024 FINAL

Get ready for the ultimate summer adventure at Lightspeed Martial Arts Summer Camp. Join us for action-packed martial arts classes led by awesome instructors, and get ready to unleash your inner ninja! But that's not all – every week, we'll explore cool places like the river, beach, park, and even catch movies together. And guess what? We'll top it off with super fun trips to places like Happy Hollow and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! Don't miss out on the best summer ever – sign up now!


Our martial arts summer camp has lots of fun, games and martial arts. But it's also about helping kids see that with the right attitude, discipline, and focus - they can accomplish anything.

Both my boys loved class from their 1st day!

“Both my boys loved class from their 1st day!! I was looking for a class that would keep their interest long term, build confidence, provide solid values and wear them out! We definitely found it! The instructors are GREAT! Very patient. I greatly appreciate the focus of the week and responsibility conversations Master Salisbury has with the kids. LightSpeed provides a fun, flexible, but also disciplined environment!”

Tae Kwon Do Dad

Scotts Valley, CA

The teachers really “teach”!

“Master Salisbury is a wonderful teacher. He has discipline and has a way to really help the kids learn. My two children look forward to Tae Kwon Do class at LightSpeed! The instructors pay attention to each child, working one on one with them, helping them to correct mistakes and always encouraging good behavior. The teachers really “teach”!


Scotts Valley, CA

Joining LightSpeed M.A. has been the best thing I have EVER done for myself!

“We love LMA! The instructors are great and put individual focus on the children when teaching Tae Kwon Do. My son has been training here since he was 3 years old and all of his teachers at school say he is very respectful and is a good listener! His grades are excellent and I believe it is a direct result from his training at LightSpeed! Not to mention, joining has been the best thing I have EVER done for myself!”


Bonny Doon, CA

I HIGHLY recommend LightSpeed Martial Arts!

“This sport has something for each of our children and their individual personalities and abilities. They have all developed a high level of focus, determination, and confidence that is regularly commented on by their school teachers. The instructors at LMA are excellent. They all serve as wonderful role models. They are not only highly skilled in Martial Arts, but they regularly emphasize the importance of education, health/nutrition, and manners. I HIGHLY recommend LightSpeed Martial Arts!”

Melissa A.

When you come into the studio you become part of the family

I have been an instructor at LightSpeed Martial Arts Academy for several years now, and have trained with the Master instructor for a great deal of my life. I won’t write about the teaching, as it would be a bit biased :), but instead I will talk about the people that train at the studio. They are fantastic! Everyday I teach or train in a class it is a pleasure to be there. The environment is very friendly and family oriented (my mom, my dad, and both my sisters train here as well). I have been to other gyms, and they just don’t have the same feel. When you come into the studio you become part of the family.

Julian J.

Scotts Valley, CA

It’s like a big family!

LightSpeed Martial Arts Academy is such an amazing place! All the instructors take great pride in what they teach and really work to make sure their students grasp each part of each class. It’s like a big family. I am always so comfortable when I’m at the studio. Everyone here is so nice and helpful, instructors and students alike! Best place for Martial Arts in Northern California. 🙂

Alexandra F.

San Francisco, CA

The instructors are very skilled working with kids

The instructors are very skilled working with kids. The kids are learning, having fun and are absorbing wonderful life lessons about respect and decency.  Bravo!

Felix L.

Ben Lomond, CA

Part of 60 pound weight loss

Great training, great attitude and great workout. Part of 60 pound weight loss.

Michael D.

Ben Lomond, CA

This is my first time trying kickboxing. I am “hooked”!

This is my first time trying kickboxing. I am ” hooked”! My instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and has a great sense of humor. She was able to assist me with my learning curve all the while keeping everyone else moving at a steady  pace for the more experienced students.  I am looking forward to more classes!

Yvonne D.

Felton, CA

An excellent summer camp program

An excellent summer camp program, my daughter has such a great time and they take great care of the kids.

Much more emphasis on the mental then the physical side of the martial arts and it has helped her a lot , would highly recommend.

Eric L.

Ben Lomond, CA

Mr. Salisbury is patient, empathetic and really seems to love what he does!

Our two girls, 8 & 9 years old, have been going here since first grade.  We have watched this group of kids grow up on this school’s curriculum.  We have nothing but positive things to say about the quality of the education and the depth of their caring for their little charges.  Mr. Salisbury is patient, empathetic and really seems to love what he does!  Our oldest wants to add that he is, “really energetic and fun!”

Ian S.

Los Gatos, CA

A super fun and active party for little ones 3-7-ish years of age for a great price, consider LightSpeed!

I hosted my son’s 4th birthday party at LightSpeed and it exceeded my husband and I’s expectations! I called to book and they let me know that the sheet cake, decorations and goodie bags were all included in the very reasonable party fees! They also offered to send out invitations for me. The staff sets up everything for you so there’s no need to arrive super early. There is a clean and very large party room in the back where lunch, snacks and cutting of the yummy and free birthday cake takes place with a gigantic sword! The cake cutting was a highlight for my son for sure — don’t worry, it’s all very safe. Owner Matt had such an enthusiastic approach with the kids and made my son feel really special. We extended the party by 30 minutes and the kids were thoroughly entertained the entire time. If you are looking to host a super fun and active party for little ones 3-7ish years of age for a great price consider LightSpeed for sure! We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jaime C.

Scotts Valley, CA

The most patient instructors I have ever encountered

I have to say the instructors at LightSpeed Martial Arts are the most patient instructors I have ever encountered. They tried really hard to help our son to acclimate to the class. I would highly recommend them!

Denice G.

Scotts Valley, CA

The instructors are fantastic, and take pride in teaching martial arts

My son, my dad, and I enjoy being part of LightSpeed Martial Arts Academy.  The studio is a great place for the entire family because kids, adult, and family tae kwon do classes and cardio kickboxing are offered throughout the week.  I joke that this is my second home I’m at the studio 6 days a week.  My son (7-1/2 years) decided early on that he wanted to take daily classes and work towards his black belt.  I can’t get enough of cardio kickboxing and tae kwon do! The best part besides getting in shape, and being able to work out with my family is that the instructors are fantastic, and take pride in teaching martial arts.

Filipina W.

Felton, CA

My kids loved it and would have another party at LightSpeed

We were so pleased with our daughter’s birthday party at LightSpeed.  The activities and celebration materials provided were more than what we expected for the cost.  LightSpeed provided not only the goodie bags, paper goods, and decorations, but also gave us the option to have them get the cake as well.  We were surprised by the number of children who attended, but the number of kids and the age spread (2 – 10) did not phase the instructors.  Every time I was able to look up from visiting, taking pictures, and helping little ones, the majority of kids were involved in an obstacle course, breaking boards, and enjoying learning a little bit about martial arts.  Best of all were the compliments I received from my fellow parents all of whom were not only impressed with the activities but with the instructors themselves.  My kids loved it and would have another party at LightSpeed sooner if we had a birthday coming up.


Scotts Valley, CA

Like a crazy hybrid between preschool and martial arts

I have a 6 year old son who came here for almost a year before he lost interest.
However, right off the bat I could see how unique and awesome LightSpeed Martial Arts Academy was going to be. The moment I walked in to the unassuming building I could see that the place is like a crazy hybrid between preschool and martial arts, and I think any child other than my own ADHD son would love the style that the teachers employ in their classes. When my daughter is old enough I will definitely be enrolling her in classes, as this place makes martial arts fun for young kids!!!

Andrew H.

Scotts Valley, CA

Super family friendly and great activity for people of all ages

This place is awesome!  We asked LightSpeed Martial Arts Academy to put on a Self Defense Seminar for our Moms & Daughters retreat and they were amazing.  Super family friendly and great activity for people of all ages to do.  We appreciate these guys so much.  They are a great addition to the Scotts Valley Community.  Thanks for all you guys do.  If you are looking for a great activity to get involved in use these guys because they are great and they know their stuff!

Christy R.

Denver, CO

They offer a free introductory session

If you are shopping around for a martial arts academy for your very young child to older teenager, I highly recommend LightSpeed! The staff is amazing with the children, and just all around great to everyone. They offer a free introductory session for you to get a feel for the place, and for you to see how your child will like it. Take them up on it and see for yourself.

Ciara L.

Santa Cruz, CA

This place is great!

This place is great! I’ve loved working with Master Salisbury! It’s a great place to train and bring your kids to train too!!!! All ages!!!

Rebekah V.

Watsonville, CA

The staff of LightSpeed really creates a family here

My daughter has been at LightSpeed for over a year now and to see the changes in her are what I hoped for! She was so shy and fearful and now she has confidence and can’t wait until she is old enough to be a junior leader! The staff of LightSpeed really creates a family here. The kids meet new friends and parents too!!! They offer classes, after school care and summer day camps. LOVE LightSpeed!

Tracey H.

Scotts Valley, CA

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